Send Your Clothing

“Earn Twirl Points each time you sell your clothing to the Twirl Store. Redeem these Twirl Points against purchases from the Twirl Store.”


Your wardrobe may sometimes be full of clothes which you have worn a few times and don’t want to repeat again; bought on an impulse only to realize later that they don’t suit you or simply don’t like and yet have.

We offer you a simple and convenient way to sell your clothes directly to us. We believe in the philosophy of sustainable fashion; accordingly, the clothes provided by you will be upscaled or given to those in need. You are rewarded for joining the sustainable fashion movement, and earn Twirl Points for every clothing that you sell us.

Twirl is perhaps the only brand in India which offers a distinctive Buy-Back policy for all clothing bought from the Twirl store. We let you buy, wear, enjoy and then return Twirl clothing back to us, when you no longer want to repeat the same clothes.
You can return Twirl clothing which you no longer want to wear or keep, and we will happily accept the same, within 9 (nine) months from the date on which you ordered them. You also earn Twirl Points – for each clothing accepted by us under the Buy-Back policy, we credit your Twirl account with Twirl Points worth 30% (thirty percent) of the amount paid for the clothing at the time of purchase.
By availing of Twirl’s Buy-Back policy, you contribute to the philosophy of sustainable fashion. We use the clothing to upscale fabrics or provide the clothes to those in need.

To know more about Sell Points and other details please read our FAQ