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Fabric Masks -set of 6

240.00 199.00

These are washable, reusable fabric face covers, handcrafted with care by our own rural ladies.Available in a variety of colours and  prints,these masks are sure to uplift your mood aswell as maintain hygiene.

Buy this set of 6 for yourself or your loved ones….

P.S- if you have a favorite colour, let us know- we will try to put it in your set for sure

Mask Trio

299.00 199.00

The family that stays together wears the same mask together! A trio of masks- 2 adults and 1 kids mask(aged 6-10years)- all handcrafted with love by rural women. Made of fabric, easily washable,reusable and with elastic loops to make it convenient to wear. Buy your set today!


399.00 199.00

When you go out, add an extra layer of protection to your face, neck,shoulders and head. Made of 2ply cotton, this cover is washable and reusable.

Keep it like a scarf around your neck, or a mask on your face or a headcover when you need it. Suitable for all ages- men, women, children- and can be used with any clothing.

Simple to use- just tie with a string at back of your head .When hood is not is use, it remains hanging at the back. The cover can easily be lowered to be just a neck scarf or adjusted to be a face cover aswell.

Handmade with care by our own rural girls, just for you !


Denim Gloves (2 pairs)

299.00 199.00

These denim gloves are perfect for everyone. We need to be careful of what we touch when we go out and these help give that protection to our hands. They are free-size and washable, so suitable for daily use. Buy this pack of 2 pairs and look cool whenever you go out.

Handmade for you with love by our rural girls….

Cotton Elbow Gloves

299.00 199.00

These cotton gloves fit right upto your elbows. We need to be careful of what we touch when we go out….. and this gives that protection to our arms. Free size and washable, so suitable for everyone. Buy this pair for your regular use today!

Handmade with love by our rural girls….

Handmade Coaster set

450.00 350.00

Choose these handmade elegant coasters for your home and office. Made by upcycling fabrics, its washable and suitable for daily use. A set of two small coasters, each of diameter 3.5inches.  A wonderful gifting option too!

Tab Cover

499.00 399.00

An extremely useful tab cover made of denim- just right to keep your tab safe. The front pocket can be used to store the tab charger and earphones. Great for daily use and gifting!!

Material- Upscaled denim (black or brown in colour). Size- 10″ x 8″

Washcare- Regular