The price of our products is inclusive of applicable Indian taxes. Delivery is free throughout India!

The price of each product is mentioned on the general display page, as well as the product-specific display page. In the event there is inconsistency between the price as mentioned on the general display page and the product-specific display page, the price on the product-specific display page will prevail.

Customers may pay for their purchases through cash-on-delivery (for select locations), debit/credit/atm card(s), net banking, e-wallets, etc., as well as through redemption of Twirl Points, promotional codes, vouchers, etc. We do not accept cheques, demand drafts, etc.

We accept payments in Indian National Rupee (INR), US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), Pound Sterling (GBP) and Singapore Dollar (SGD). For cash-on-delivery, only Indian National Rupee (INR) will be accepted.

All prices on the website are by default shown in Indian National Rupees (INR – ₹). Customers have an option of viewing prices in other currencies. This currency converter tool is only indicative – the actual amount payable for products will be determined by conversion rates of the customer’s card, bank, e-wallet provider, etc., as the case may be, as on the date and time of purchase of such products.

We reserve the right to refuse to sell our products to any person who may be purchasing the same for commercial purposes.

We are committed to keeping the Twirl store error-free. Nevertheless, if the price of a product is mentioned incorrectly due to technical glitches, we reserve the right to nullify/cancel any order placed for the concerned product and refund the amounts paid for the order. In the event you notice any discrepancies in pricing, kindly intimate us at feedback@twirl.store.

For more details, please refer to the Shop section of our FAQs.

This policy applies to all products purchased from the Twirl store.

You can return eligible products within 5 (five) days of their delivery – get a full refund along with Twirl Points!

The product being returned must retain its original label and must be in the same condition as was delivered (i.e., in its original condition). A product showing signs of wear and tear, damage, stains, etc., in any manner is not eligible for return & refund.

For products satisfying our requirements, the amount paid for the products will be refunded through the same mode of payment (except for cash-on-delivery) such as the same card, bank account, e- wallet, etc., as the case may be, through which the product was purchased.

Presently, we do not have an exchange policy for our products. For queries, please write to us at info@twirl.store.

For details on how to avail our Return & Refund Policy, and to learn about our Cancellation Policy, please refer to the Shop section of our FAQs.

The Twirl store delivers its products throughout India and other countries.

We usually dispatch products within 2 (two) working days of the order, however some products may take longer to dispatch. Your products will be delivered by third-party courier or postal services. Please ensure that the delivery address provided by you is complete and correct, and that your products can be delivered at the delivery address during normal working hours.

Delivery to addresses within India is free! For delivery to addresses in other countries, we levy an international shipping charge at a flat rate of INR 1,800/- (or its equivalent amount under applicable currencies) per order, irrespective of the number of products purchased in one order.

For international shipping, certain countries impose additional customs/import duties and related taxes once the shipment reaches the concerned country. However, a majority of shipments will not attract such additional expenses. Due to the nature of customs/import duties and related taxes across jurisdictions, we cannot include such expenses in our shipping charges. In the event that customs/import duties or related taxes are levied on a shipment, you will have to pay the applicable amounts to customs-clear your shipment. We will be happy to reimburse you with equivalent Twirl Points, upon proper verification.

In the event that a delivery fails due to incomplete/incorrect address, none present to receive the shipment or for any other reason, we reserve the right to cancel the order.

You can track the delivery status of your orders by writing to us at info@twirl.store.

In the unlikely event of any damage caused to a product during delivery, please write to us at feedback@twirl.store.

For more details, please refer to the Shop section of our FAQs.

Twirl Points are points which accrue in your Twirl account and which can be redeemed against the purchase of products on the Twirl store.

1 Twirl Point = ₹ 1 (or its approximate equivalent amount in applicable currencies).

You earn Twirl Points by availing our services on the Twirl store, i.e., buy-back of Twirl clothes and sale of your clothes. For more details, please refer to the Buy-Back section and the Sell section of our FAQs

Twirl Points accrue in, and can be redeemed from, a valid Twirl account. Further, the Twirl Points must be valid on the date of redemption. Twirl Points are valid for such time as announced at accrual, or in the absence thereof, a maximum of 90 (ninety) days from the date of accrual, after which they automatically lapse. Twirl Points are non-transferable and cash payout is not permitted against the same.

A maximum of 200 (two hundred) Twirl Points can be redeemed per order. The balance amount, after redeeming Twirl Points, can be paid by debit/credit/atm card, netbanking, e-wallet, cash-on-delivery (for select locations), etc.

For example, if you buy 2 products worth a cumulative sum of ₹ 750 in a single order – you can redeem 200 Twirl Points and the balance ₹ 550 can be paid by debit/credit/atm card, netbanking, e-wallet, cash-on-delivery (for select locations), etc.

In addition to Twirl Points, promotional code(s)/voucher(s), for specified duration(s) and of specific value(s), may also be redeemed against the purchase of products on the Twirl store. Promotional code(s)/voucher(s) are available at our Twirl Box locations and pop-ups. Promotional code(s)/voucher(s) must be valid at the time of redemption and should not have already been redeemed (whether in part or in entirety). Promotional code(s)/voucher(s) can be redeemed only once, irrespective of the value being redeemed. Cash payout is not permitted against promotional code(s)/voucher(s).

We reserve the right to cancel or modify the system of Twirl Points or promotional code(s)/voucher(s), along with related services, without prior intimation. Please check our PoliciesTerms of Use and social media pages for updates in this regard.

Please read our Policies and FAQs before availing our products and services.

For any queries, comments or suggestions, please write to us at feedback@twirl.store